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Sexy Mami's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Sexy Mami

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[17 Dec 2004|11:36pm]
some people are snoopy. therefore i had to change my password. and then they get salty for me changing it. HOW GAY!
2s angel

[16 Dec 2004|05:17pm]
blah blah blah, i have to work tonight, yay fun fun stuff.

[15 Dec 2004|04:35pm]
tra la la, life is getting better tra la la

[07 Dec 2004|06:01pm]
blah blah blah. life sucks. blah blah blah.

[24 Nov 2004|12:17pm]
its snowing.

a lot.

i hate snow.
2s angel

[18 Nov 2004|09:28am]
so i totally just had a blond moment to go with the blond hair. horrible. I put some stuff in the oven, and i pulled it out to stir it. ok, no problem. then, like a total dumbass, i just grabbed the lid like it wasn't 450º to put it back on the pan. bad move. burned the fuck out of three fingers and my thumb. right now they don't hurt too bad, Kyle still had some stuff to put on it, which made me happy. but i know tonight at work it'll hurt like a bitch. remind me to update later about the latest drama filled bullshit at work, the type of shit that had me out looking for another job last night.
1 angel

[08 Nov 2004|12:58pm]
i'm taking liam to see polar express on thursday i think. sounds like fun, and i'm sure he'll enjoy it. thats all for now.
2s angel

[29 Oct 2004|07:40pm]
well fuck. thats right, i said fuck. i just realized (because i'm a little slow) that when kyle reinstalled windows, my psp and photoshop got deleted. this royally sucks ass. a lot of it. i can't do shit now. i can't change things around, make things look better (or worse). sucky sucky sucky.

i'm angry now. i was just bored, now i'm bored AND angry. not good, not good at all.
2s angel

[29 Oct 2004|03:57pm]
i am so fucking bored i don't know what to do with myself. It's only 6 pm. I feel like it should be 10, so i could go to sleep and not be so damn bored. ugh. someone entertain me.

[20 Oct 2004|10:23am]
my new tattoo:

4s angel

[20 Oct 2004|09:05am]
ok, so i've seen like 3 movies in the past 2 days. i watched "the prince and me"... not so good. i watched "the others" that one was kinda freaky. just very strange. and i watched "godsend" last night. that one was just really fucked up. not the best movie i've ever watched, really kinda weird.

i'm going to get a cell phone today. that way everyone can get hold of me. and some people won't have to wig out thinking i'm not gonna come home.

[18 Oct 2004|09:36am]
[ mood | scared ]


"Overdose of GHB can occur rather quickly, and the signs are similar to those of other sedatives: drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, headache, loss of consciousness, loss of reflexes, impaired breathing, and ultimately death."

"Combining use with other drugs such as alcohol can result in nausea and difficulty breathing. GHB may also produce withdrawal effects, including insomnia, anxiety, tremors, and sweating. "


better yet, who the fuck did that to ME?!

I don't really want to think about it anymore. But after everything that happened friday night, i can't help but wonder what the hell happened. or why that shit got into my drink. or why anyone would put it there. i just don't get it. so, apparently someone wanted to get it on with me. only the dumbass put WAY too much of the shit in my drink and overdosed me, ultimatly landing me in the hospital. thanks a fucking lot.

how pathetic.

9s angel

[12 Oct 2004|05:48pm]
so guys, i know it's been a long time since i've updated, things have gotten kinda crazy around here. Me and Kyle have decided to get a divorce. it seems that it would make everyone happier to just be done with it. It was getting to the point where we were screaming at each other, and just not getting along ever. I've been working like mad, seemed to have turned into a workaholic at some point. i work pretty much 7 days a week. and i start to go a little crazy when i'm off, so i guess it's just better for me to be at work anyways. well i'll update more later when i have the time and inclination. until then, anyone needs to get hold of me for anything, you can always call me. if you don't know my number, then just leave me a comment, or send me an email and i'll get it to you: gemini_illusions@yahoo.com. ohh, and i have ANOTHER new s/n: Gemini iIIusions (it's aim) ooh, and don't be fooled, there are no L's in it at all, they're all I's.

[25 Sep 2004|11:54am]
well, i think it's about time that i change my background again. think i'm gonna actually change the whole layout. I'm thinking...pink... maybe not.. don't know really, just in the mood to really do something DIFFERENT. work is good. life is pretty good. kids are great. i'm not so tired. the dog still sucks...

that about sums it up for now.

[23 Sep 2004|12:22pm]
hey!! where did grassyass go??!!! she was on my friends list, i haven't really gotten to update or read anyone else's journal, and now she's gone!!!!! HELP ME!!!

[09 Sep 2004|11:44am]
so yea, things are going well i guess. I'm exhausted. And because of that my patience is shot. I want to scream right now. I can't seem to get both the kids to sleep at the same time, no matter how hard i try. Anna will take a nap, and Ayden will freak out the entire time, and when i finally get him calmed down and asleep, anna wakes up. grrr... very frustrating. dude, i looked like a freaking crack head last night at work. my eyes have these almost purple bags under them, its gross. i look strung out. ICK! BUT, as long as it stays somewhat busy at work, i forget that i'm tired. it's when it slows down that it sucks. I LOVE my job. i can't say that enough. i guess its just because its the first job that i've ever had that i really truely like. but, i look forward to going to work. this is really a good thing. its always a good thing to like your job.

i want to get ayden this for halloween:


Anna this one:


and Liam this one:


unless i find anything that surpasses those in cuteness.

[24 Aug 2004|11:42pm]
It's been a while, Ayden is already 2 months old! He's so happy and so adorable.

too freaking cute!!!Collapse )
1 angel

[23 Aug 2004|10:46pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

so i guess it's been a while since i've updated, so here is in brief how things have been going:

the kidsCollapse )

me and KyleCollapse )

the stupid piece of shit kyle calls a dogCollapse )

workCollapse )


[19 Aug 2004|12:30pm]
go JOIN gemini_banner_purple1 right now!

[17 Aug 2004|12:53pm]
how well do you know me?

3s angel

[12 Aug 2004|12:43pm]
i really like the m&ms song. the color my world one. i really like it. thats probably very strange.

on another note, i ROYALLY got screwed at work last night.

heres the deal:

i had like 6 tables. well, one of those tables ordered only salads and soups (table 105). well, another table ordered all sorts of shit, from apetizers to desserts (table 205). well, in my rush, i accidentally gave table 205 table 105's check. well, instead of being upstanding citizens and saying "hey, this is the wrong check", they left money in the thing, and were gone before i got back to the table. of course they didn't say anything, becuase the check was like $45 cheaper than theirs should have been. well, i didn't even notice until later, when i gave table 105 their check, and they of course said "hey, this isn't ours". so, guess who got screwed out of the $45. thats right, ME. i was pissed. so instead of making $70 like i should have last night, i made $33. i was incredibly pissed off.
2s angel

[04 Aug 2004|08:23pm]
YOU KNOW YOU GREW UP IN THE 1980'S IF... Collapse )
2s angel

NEW PICTURES!! [27 Jul 2004|10:21pm]

the family, and a couple of meCollapse )
11s angel

[30 Jun 2004|02:33pm]
ugh, i feel like shit. not physically, although i am still pretty sore. i'm just emotionally drained. I just sit around and cry, and i don't really understand why. probably just post partum stuff, but i don't like it much. my house feels like a cave again. and i'm stuck here with this stupid fucking piece of shit dog. Kyle thinks that he's found a way to fix her collar, and for his sake i hope so, because i swear to god i'm gonna kill her if he hasn't. tomorrow is the first day that i'm gonna have both the kids by myself, and i'm scared to death. i suppose i probably felt this way after anna too, but i don't remember it. I feel like i can't keep up, i can't be enough people at once. Anna needs my attention, the baby needs my boobs, my husband needs a wife, and i'm just stuck somewhere in the middle of everything. Kyle is helping me a lot, and i am really greatful for that. i just sit and cry and cry and cry, to the point where i'm not sure that i can cry anymore. and i just don't really understand it. I thought i was happy, i love my family, i just feel so useless, and like i'm failing at everything. My house is a complete disaster, i haven't seen my son in over a week, my husband has had to eat frozen pizzas for the past week, my daughter has been with my mom, and i'm seriously thinking about switching the baby to formula. i just feel like i'm a complete failure as a mother, as a wife, as everything, and i don't know how to fix it. i try to clean up, i do some laundry and the dishes everyday, but my living room looks like shit. i want to sleep in my own bed again, and i'm so fucking sick of this god damn dog. i want to sleep in the bed with my husband, without her whining at the foot, and without worrying if she's gonna piss on the floor. I'm sick of looking at my brand new baby boy's blankets and seeing them covered in dog hair. I'm sick of hearing her bark. i just want to kill her. i've lived with her for 8 months now, isn't that enough? i've dealt with her for this long, can't that be good enough? can't she just go run away, or get dognapped or something? my kids don't deserve to have a mom who is constantly stressed out because she has to deal with a dog that she never even wanted. i don't want to put my son on formula, but at the same time i think that it would be easier for all involved. but i just don't want to. but i don't want to make myself nuts trying to feed him either. ugh, whats wrong with me? ok, anyways, i gotta go now.
4s angel

Ayden Hunter [27 Jun 2004|09:34pm]


6s angel

[23 Jun 2004|05:23am]
so, i think i'm gonna go have the baby now. Could be a false alarm, but, i'm pretty sure it's not. So, if you don't see me online in the next couple of days, then I'm in the hospital.
5s angel

[20 Jun 2004|05:06pm]
no baby.... still.... someday... i swear it, someday....

[18 Jun 2004|05:33pm]
I have the headache from hell. I've had it for about 3 hours now. It just won't go away. And it seems like everything is irritating it. No matter what the sound or the light, everything is making it worse. I just want to scream. I'm gonna lay down as soon as Kyle gets home. So i guess i should go start the laundry......

[17 Jun 2004|03:33pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I'm so ..... lonely.... bored out of my head. I don't even know what to do with my time anymore. I know that i should be cleaning or something, but ugh... i feel like i clean all the damn time. Me and Anna went across the street for a little while today and played with the neighbors, that was....fun? for anna. it was nice for me to be able to talk to someone. because as much as i love my daughter, i need some adult conversation.

on another note, the dog is doing pretty good. *gasp* did i just say that? i did. Kyle let me go get her another shock collar. This one is different from the last one though. This one only goes off when she barks. And, imagine this if you will, she's already caught on! I haven't heard more than 3 yaps out of her all damn day! It used to be that i was at the door yelling at her to SHUT UP every 20 minutes. No MORE!! YAY!! This is a great thing. It eliminates one of the problems that i was really afraid of with the new baby coming. I was scared to death that she would keep the baby up ALL the time with her constant yapping. I do believe that it is no longer something that i need to worry about. Kyle has also been sleeping with her out here, and feeding and watering her every morning before he goes to work, so that all i have to do is take her outside when i get up. I let her in around 11ish and keep her in till about 3 becuase that is the hottest part of the day, but other than that, i don't have to mess with her. I'm so happy that we've finally reached this point, and that he finally understood that I don't want to mess with her. Even if that does make me a horrid person. I don't care, and I'm glad that he understands, and if not that, then at least accepts how i feel. It makes my life much easier.

ooh, and i'm quite depressed about my dr appointment. I was once again pretty much told that it's still gonna be a while before this baby comes. BLAH!! I'm so tired of being pregnant. i've only got a week to go till my due date. We made two more regular apointments, and then one for the 6th of july for an induction. Please everyone send me labor vibes, cuz i might die if i'm still pregnant on the 6th.

ok, tis all.


[09 Jun 2004|12:59pm]
well, we have miss banana face completely switched to her toddler bed. She's doing really well now. At first she was not pleased, but it was only really 2 or 3 bad nights before she got comfortable with it. i'm so happy. Kyle taught her to jump, but it's funny, because when he taught her, he kept saying "boing", so she will only jump if you say "boing". it cracks me up. She's got an allergy to something in the clothes kyle's friend brought over the other day. she's been sneezing like crazy poor baby. well, thats all for now, i'm to freaking hot to sit here any more.

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